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Interesting little move here on 2-11-16; Drove into this abyss out in the backwoods of Great Barrington, Mass. to retrieve this old 688 Case excavator. I asked for them to please walk it out closer to civilization, but I must not have spoken loud enough. It was 2.5 miles out into this road full of twists, turns, radius' and ditches and had to back out of the place back to the main road. Got it done without incident, and delivered to Three Rivers/Thorndike, Mass. that afternoon. 

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​This old non-running Cat D8 2U series bulldozer moved from Manalapan, NJ to southwestern Vermont 11-7-15. The project consisted of removing the blade, and pulling it onto the trailer...then winching it off in Vermont. Over 16 hours of labor in this move aside from the transporting, makes it interesting and fun as well as gratifying to everyone involved.

6-21-2017; Richford, Vt. JD 440D & 540D cable skidders, loaded and headed south to new owner, a regular customer.

Tuesday 4-25-2017; 60's vintage Trojan loader in Kittery, Me., carried to Deerfield, NH

6-21-2017; Tom, Sr. and Tom, Jr. (TJ) ready to roll after getting these 2 skidders running after 6 years of sitting idle. New batteries and bleed injector lines...lit right up.

Non-running late 1950's era Caterpillar D-8 bulldozer, loaded in Manalapan, NJ. Disassembled blade to make transporting it within legal dimensions. A 7 hour project on-site to disassemble and load this beast.

​This part of the project took another 8 hours due to the extreme steep grades, the limited ares in which we had to work...but the bottom line is it's home and everybody's happy. We incorporated a heavy duty wrecker to assist in this part, as the topography of this location was interesting to put it politely.

It was a matter of half towing, half rigging to get this big piece of iron up into the position it was to be placed.

First day out with the restored 1978 A Model, Saturday 4-15-2017...Worcester, Mass.

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