As you can see, there's typically no shortage of things for us to do. I think being reliable, honest and up front from the beginning to end is what has kept us going and will continue well into the future.

​7-17-2017; Westerlo, NY loaded a JD combine with corn head attached, and the grain head on the rollback truck and we relocated this to another farmer in Berlin, Vermont this day. Father and son rigging and transporting made for a great day this particular day.​

Above left; Franklin forwarder from Marlboro, Vt. to Leyden, Ma. on 7-25-17.    Above right; JD 644 loader and 190E excavator from Londonderry, Vt. to Danville, Vt. on 8-1-17 from auction to customer.

12-3-2016; Cat 525 grapple skidder and  John Deere 653 feller buncher moved from one job to the other in southern Vermont for our logger customer. Staged to start cutting Monday morning now.

12-2-2016; Carried a special drilling cage to drill into the face of the stone walls to anchor retaining fencing to hold back debris from falling. 2 men stand inside the cage drilling while suspended 200 feet above the Genesee River with this specially designed "ringer" crane with 300 ft. of stick, 300 ton capacity in Hunt, NY. Replacing this 1875 vintage trestle with a new one for Norfolk Southern Railroad.

Above; South Burlington, Vermont. Loading several loads of non-running equipment and hauled to Port of Rennselaer, NY for scrap which was a shame for some of the unfortunate pieces here. August 7th through the 10th 2017.

7-8-2016 Fort Dix/Mc Guire Air Force Base. Loading a cargo trailer and 8 60K BTU portable a/c units headed for Cortland, NY to set up a temporary hospital clinic that the Pentagon developed a program with to offer free care to ALL in need, while continuing training for staff in a friendly environment rather than in the hostile, uncomfortable regions that they operate in daily currently in the middle east. This is a good thing. They set up portable tent buildings and containers equipped as hospital facilites at schools in various locations 2 weeks at a time, and everything from dental care to free animal care is offered to low income or non insured people.

Once unloaded, we stacked the rollback up on the lowbed to save fuel and wear and tear, and headed home from Berlin, Vermont that evening. (7-17-2017)

Above: Oversize load from New Holland, Pa. to Harvard University in Boston, Mass. Started move on June 30th, had to shut down in Maybrook, NY for holiday weekend kurfew and continued on and delivered on 7-5-2016. Dimensions were 11' wide, 14' 10" high, overall length was 77' 7" long. Quite a project...

10-28-2016; Kirkwood, (Binghamton) New York at 5 Star Equipment, Inc... Loaded a Deere 624K wheel loader up for a customer of ours headed to Merrimack, New Hampshire. This is the second move for this customer this season.

After delivering the cargo trailer in Homer (Cortland) NY, went to Hamilton Town Garage and loaded this Deere 624K loader headed to it's new owner in Merrimack, New Hampshire.

Nortrax Deere dealer Springfield, Vermont. Loaded an old Fiat Allis grader for an exporter.

Loaded this 1975 Brockway 759 model triaxle in Lynn Lake, Pa. on the W.Va. border on 8-12-2016 and carried it up to Cortland, NY to the annual Brockway show on 8-13-2016 to display for the day...then on to W. Granville, NY to it's new retirement home.

Watching precious older trucks like this beautiful 1969 Ford F950 Super Duty diesel get scrapped is never fun to us...we were mournful of this particular gem because of it's excellent condition. We hated to see this go to scrap. 

Bronx, New York Friday 2-3-2017; Delivered and helped install these 3 LED display signs here on an Army Recruiting Office on East Fordham Rd. above the Grand Concourse, hired by the manufacturers of the signs. The same company has several LED displays down in Times Square, the ones you see on TV morning news shows, New Years Eve celebrations, etc...

I was fortunate enough to have this opportunity to be part of this project, and assist in the making of a little history at the same time.  Found a deli 300 ft. from the spot where I was staged and had a nice, delicious NEW YORK egg "sangwich" and a coffee before we started. Then after the signs were hung, the contractor graciously treated me to an authentic New York pizza lunch, and I had a "slice" before departing back to New England. A very good day working with the crew at Fiberdyne Labs, Inc. and the contractor Vic Martinez on this project! √√√

Calling us ensures you're dealing with an experienced, hard working family owned and operated American small business...!

Owner is involved with every aspect of the operation. We cater to homeowners who have purchased something and have no idea who or how to get it moved, to equipment and machinery dealers. We provide custom services such as assistance to load/unload by arranging cranes and wreckers for lifting, etc. All done with one call to us.

Week of 10-31-2016; This nice older Caterpillar 955L track loader was carried from Athens, New York to southern Vermont for a repeat customer that we've moved several machines and trucks for in the past, becoming friends in the process.

Air Ride FLATBED and RGN trailers, and other specialized trailers are available to us upon special request. Willing to get creative......