Bakery flour storage silos, relocated from North Grosvernordale, CT to Brattleboro, VT in December, 2022...oversized/overdimensional loads two days in a row. 14' 4" tall...escorted loads. We were informed that there were 3 failed attempts to move these things prior to us doing it. That felt pretty good hearing that.

Above: Old 1960's era Caterpillar D-8 in Manalapan, New Jersey that we carried to south-western Vermont for a customer. One small obstacle; it didn't run. We disconnected the blade, pulled it on with another machine the seller was kind enough to let us use, and loaded the blade on the back end and away we went.

These are some of the unique projects that we like to sets us apart from the crowd.

​The owner of the Fired Up garage property Dwayne let us inside and all over the property...that was pretty neat. The GMG crew and Fired Up crew weren't around that day unfortunately...but Sue (ASM) was and that was fun meeting and talking to her.

On the way back from Pharr, Tx. to Chicago, visited the Gas Monkey Garage, Fired Up Garage, and ASM Upholstery shop in Dallas, Tx. on 11-18-17. 

One of THREE ballast cars moved from Tilton, NH to Broad Brook, CT between 1-2-22 and 1-4-22...

11-4-21; Moving a converted boxcar/caboose from Lenox, MA to Canterbury, NH with the help of Coady's Towing of Lawrence, MA... John Kemp, their senior operator at the winches. We utilize heavy rotators as our primary source of lifting/rigging for convenience, and speed of relocating from jobsite to jobsite.

Our double drop extendable trailer stretched to 50 feet in the well...

​This old non-running Cat D8 2U series bulldozer moved from Manalapan, NJ to southwestern Vermont 11-7-15. The project consisted of removing the blade, and pulling it onto the trailer...then winching it off in Vermont. Over 16 hours of labor in this move aside from the transporting, makes it interesting and fun as well as gratifying to everyone involved.

Our latest challenging project: A Budd RDC-1 self-propelled, bi-directional passenger car we prepared and transported for the Troy, NH Historical Society in conjunction with the Cheshire Railroad Depot in Troy, NH. Enjoy this great 40 minute video of the coverage...

Took 11 months to complete. Most of the delays were with the state of NH DOT and their SuperLoad permitting process.

We moved this on 11-3-2023 historical event for the community of Troy and surrounding towns.

Transport, service, sales.

​June 2022; rigging job. Moved bakery equipment from one location to the other in Brattleboro, VT. Built specialized dollies to move oven that was not meant to be moved. Rolled it easily out to the loading dock onto flatbed, and hauled away. Ingenuity and experience really helps.

Caboose moved from Windsor to Torrington, CT June 17th, 2022...with our 1979 White Road Boss II tractor and 2013 Superior extendable mechanical detach trailer..

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This Budd car ran on the MBTA line over by Boston for a few years, then was transferred for a while over by Albany, NY...then it became retired and moved to Bellows Falls, VT where it sat for years and was becoming vandalized. It was then brought across the river and sat in the VT Railway maintenance yard for about 5 years, destined for the scrapyard until the Troy Historical Society chairwoman, Kim Chaffee got wind of it and started the process of funding the purchase and moving process. That was all in January 2023...

They called Iron Mountain Iron & Equipment, LLC to handle the movement of the car from Walpole to Troy, NH, and we became passionate about getting this done no matter what it took, for the community and enthusiasts to enjoy for many years to come. It now sits majestically at her new home at the Cheshire Railroad Depot in Troy, NH and is open for the public to view. 

Stopped by GMG, Fired Up Garage, and Sue's (ASM) Upholstery shop in Dallas, Tx. on 11-18-17. That was a great day, great way to build some memories. She is standing here with my son, TJ. Sue is a great lady... she spent 45 minutes with us, very friendly.

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