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Left and below; 6-7-19 loading a caboose onto the trailer in Canterbury, NH bound for Kingston, NY...

​80 feet long overall, 15 feet high, 10 feet wide.

6-21-2017; Tom, Sr. and Tom, Jr. (TJ) ready to roll after getting these 2 skidders running after 6 years of sitting idle. New batteries and bleed injector lines...lit right up.

Non-running late 1950's era Caterpillar D-8 bulldozer, loaded in Manalapan, NJ. Disassembled blade to make transporting it within legal dimensions. A 7 hour project on-site to disassemble and load this beast.

​This part of the project took another 8 hours due to the extreme steep grades, the limited ares in which we had to work...but the bottom line is it's home and everybody's happy. We incorporated a heavy duty wrecker to assist in this part, as the topography of this location was interesting to put it politely.

It was a matter of half towing, half rigging to get this big piece of iron up into the position it was to be placed.

​This old non-running Cat D8 2U series bulldozer moved from Manalapan, NJ to southwestern Vermont 11-7-15. The project consisted of removing the blade, and pulling it onto the trailer...then winching it off in Vermont. Over 16 hours of labor in this move aside from the transporting, makes it interesting and fun as well as gratifying to everyone involved.

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D8L dozer with a bad engine we tackled on 8-13-19 in Brattleboro, Vt. Removed blade and axles to allow it to roll and then we winched the dozer onto the deck and transported it 20 miles to the repair shop who would be rebuilding the engine. Returned to the site and had to drive pins out of push arms and fold the arms down to get to legal height to transport it separately. Mission accomplished, owner happy...

These types of projects require more than just a trucker; we provide mechanical experience along with rigging and various other skill sets to make these jobs happen.

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We were contacted by a logistics company in Denver, Co., and asked to store this mobile stage trailer for a few days, and then bring it to Mount Snow, Vt. on 4-2-18 to set up for an upcoming concert that weekend. Then on 4-9-18 we went back and got to see it in it's fully transformed state. Quite impressive indeed. We then hooked onto it and brought it to another location up in central Vermont for them. No telling what artists have walked on this piece of engineering.

​The owner of the Fired Up garage property Dwayne let us inside and all over the property...that was pretty neat. The GMG crew and Fired Up crew weren't around that day unfortunately...but Sue (ASM) was and that was fun meeting and talking to her.

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On the way back from Pharr, Tx. to Chicago, visited the Gas Monkey Garage, Fired Up Garage, and ASM Upholstery shop in Dallas, Tx. on 11-18-17. 

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Stopped by the Chrome Shop Mafia's place on our way from Springfield, Mo. to Pharr, Tx. 11-13-17

Stopped by GMG, Fired Up Garage, and Sue's (ASM) Upholstery shop in Dallas, Tx. on 11-18-17. That was a great day, great way to build some memories. She is standing here with my son, TJ. Sue is a great lady... she spent 45 minutes with us, very friendly.